Welcome to the new home for the Eisman Golf Academy. We believe in dedicated instruction with proven results. The most reliable way to see the quality of a teacher is to see the success of her/his students. So, please take a few minutes to browse around our students’ swings and determine for yourself if we can help elevate your golf game. 

On any given day at the EGA, you will see several of our students practicing and working together to master the golf swing. One of the aspects of the EGA that is hard to describe is the community of golfers we are part of. Even if you are not getting a lesson from our staff, you will find tidbits of knowledge to pick up on just by hanging out. Feel free to drop by our new Laurel Hill facility and come say hello. 

The Proof is in the Numbers...

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Home of Northern Virginia's Best Golfers. Learn more about how we have helped those who match your love for the game.

Professional Standout - Ji Soo Park

JiSoo came to us fresh off a decorated career at the University of Virginia. Blessed with great natural speed, we worked on creating a deeper hip flexion to produce more room at impact for him to make his path and AoA more neutral. The extra ball speed he has gained is only a bonus. After reaching second stage of Q-School, Ji is poised to be on our televisions soon.

Amateur Standout - Stephen Brown

Representing George Washington University, Stephen came to the EGA to increase control of his ball flight. This entailed gaining control of the face at all positions of the golf swing. Unrestricting his body has been another key goal, and he is enjoying the benefits of an uninhibited turn through the ball, which ironically is helping him gain more club face control. 

Junior Golf Standout - Rylan Shim

The 2018 Bobby Bowers Champion, Rylan Shim is a top junior player in the state of Virginia. Still in 8th grade, Rylan’s knowledge about his golf game exceeds that of his peers. Rylan has improved his overall kinematic sequence, by increasing his hand path and efficiently using the ground to gain distance and control. 

Ladies Golf Standout -Juhee Bae

After a 4 years playing for the University of Virginia, Juhee turned professional in 2018. With a player like Juhee, extra speed is always desired when competing with the world’s best. We have helped increase speed and more importantly, identified the sources of certain misses she was seeing on the course and when under pressure. 

We Love to talk about golf.

In our new Academy Thoughts section, we will be sharing select swing concepts that will benefit you regardless of your P3 position, or your swing type (if you don’t know what a P3 position is, get ready to learn a lot more about your golf swing).

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