Rising Junior Golfers

At the Eisman Golf Academy, we believe that early in a young golfer’s foray into the game, it is just as important to have fun as it is to learn solid fundamentals. Fun + fundamentals = a lasting love for the game of golf. But our junior golfers are not out to just have fun, they are aiming to win. 

Rylan Shim

The 2018 Bobby Bowers Champion, Rylan Shim is a top junior player in the state of Virginia. Still in 8th grade, Rylan’s knowledge about his golf game exceeds that of his peers. Rylan has improved his overall kinematic sequence, by increasing his hand path and efficiently using the ground to gain distance and control. 

Bryan Lee

Bryan is one of the top high school players in Virginia. Bryan has some the best footwork we have seen at the EGA, allowing him to use his power sources efficiently. 

Michael Lee

Michael has already competed in some the biggest junior tournaments in the country; most recently the Junior PGA Nationals in Arizona. Michael came to the EGA looking to improve his already solid swing. Throughout the season with the EGA, he has gained substantive distance as well as knowledge to control the golf club’s shaft. 

Alex Delgado

A standout on the Oakton High School golf team,  Alex Delgado has been working with the EGA for several years and is one of the longest hitters in the High School girl’s division. She has shown dedication to improve her game year in and year out in order to take her golfing career to the next level. 

Delaney Adams

As a starter for the Fairfax High School golf team, Delaney has been perfecting her game for more than 8 years with the EGA. Every year, she is improving her ability to hit the ball farther, and understanding how to control her path at will.

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