Industry Partners

Our Partners

Here at the Eisman Golf Academy, we partner with best-in-class golf companies to ensure the time spent working on your swing is supplemented with the best analytical software and facilities for the best results. 

Team Taylormade

Our competitive players need to be able to trust their equipment. At the Eisman Golf Academy, we never put commercial interests before the success of the player. But the overwhelming majority of our players trust Taylormade, so we are proud to have made the switch to be a Taylormade Golf Master Fitting Center. 

K-Vest | Biofeedback

K-Vest is the flagship product that provides wireless human motion learning in the golf swing.  The company combines industry leading sensor accuracy with never before seen software features in a highly reliable, easy to use product that helps us provide real-time biofeedback to help you understand how to optimize your golf swing. 

Trackman Certified

Trackman is the most powerful analytical tool in the golf space today. Although it can be used by many, the true power of the Trackman platform is unlocked through the insight of Trackman Certified Teachers. We are proud to say we are all Level 2-Certified teachers. 


You have heard the saying that the secret to Ben Hogan’s swing was in the dirt. Boditrak seeks to find out what that actually means. By being able to instantly tell the golfer what percentage of their body weight is on what part of their feet, golfers can quickly learn how to ensure their biomechanics are in order to deliver the most power through the ball at impact.