Competitive Amateurs

Are you the golfer who loves the game but has a full-time life to balance with? We understand. Whether you are trying to make that Mid-Am four ball qualifier, win your club championship, or just want to pocket a few extra dollars in that weekly cash game you are in, the Eisman Golf Academy is here to help. For amateurs who have an active interest in the golf swing, we encourage setting a set of attainable goals and making fine-tuned adjustments to maximize your natural golf swing. We will never tear apart your golf swing, unless you want to and have the time to put in the effort to make wholesale changes. See some of our students below.

Will Snyder

As a leader at Christopher Newport University, Will earns the EGA commitment award for having studied at the EGA for over 6 years. Aside from the obvious improvement in his scoring average year-to-year, he has a much stronger awareness and control of the club through all the positions in the golf swing. 


Yoojin Kim

As a dedicated student-athlete at George Washington University, Yoojin came to the EGA not only to maximize his power and speed, but also to create an unrestricted pattern. The byproduct of his hard work is less stress on his back, helping ensure that his playing days will be pain-free.  Over the past year, he has improved his overall kinematic sequence to optimize his ball speed and control. 

Stephen Brown

Representing George Washington University, Stephen came to the EGA to increase control of his ball flight. This entailed gaining control of the face at all positions of the golf swing. Unrestricting his body has been another key goal, and he is enjoying the benefits of an uninhibited turn through the ball, which ironically is helping him gain more club face control. 

Nathan Chuwait

As one of the highest-rated junior golfers in Virginia,  Nathan continued his journey towards the professional ranks by joining the University of Virginia golf team. He has learned the insights necessary on body movements and the kinematic sequence of the golf swing to gain more distance and control.

Steven Ogletree

After a decorated military career, Steve is a beacon in the pursuit of making golf accessible to wounded veterans. He travels the country representing the USA Team as Captain at the Simpson Cup. He is truly an inspiration and we are humbled that he trusts us with his swing.

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