Custom Club Fitting

Custom Club Fitting Done the way it should be: Outdoors.

We are strong proponents that club fitting should be done outdoors. We do use launch monitor data to help narrow down your choices, but the eye test is the best way to see what works for you. 

And the best set of eyes for that is our lead club fitter, Tim Carnahan. With years of experience fitting golfers, Tim brings that artisan touch to the art of club fitting. His knowledge of shafts, how they react for different golfers, how head CG affects ballflight, and how some minor adjustments to your golf swing can greatly enhance the quality of the fit, are all the intangibles that you will get in a fit.


A Proud Team TaylorMade Fitter

Most all club makers make solid equipment offerings from the top to the bottom of the bag. We have spent years fitting the best players from enthusiastic amateurs to professionals. 

Taylormade has always been a leader in drivers, but as they continued to grow into a full bag company, we have found that the truly offer a club to fit most anyone.

Get Fully Fit for the new Taylormade M5 Driver

There are literally thousands of possible combinations when it comes to dialing in a driver to fit your swing. Should you go with a 9 degree head with the weights back or with a 10.5 with the weights forward?

Should you go with high launch shaft with low loft head or low launch shaft with high loft head? Instead of reading people’s opinions on the internet about it, get fit by our team of master fitters.

5 wood, Hybrid, or Driving Iron?

With modern technology, the most confusing aspect of the bag are the clubs in between driver and your longest iron. With so many options, it can be difficult to know what is the best way to not only gap your clubs the right yardages, but also have different trajectories and playability from different lies covered as well. 

Blades, CBs, or Speedfoam?

If you love the game of golf, you have probably wondered what the difference is between playing a beautiful blade and speed-injected game improvement iron. If you are playing golf to shoot the lowest score possible, your needs will be different than someone who is an avid recreational golfer who wants to enjoy all aspects of golf.

We don’t tell you what you have to use, we help fit you into what brings the most enjoyment to your game. For some, that is hitting it straight every time. For others, it’s being able to carve a 5 iron around a tree at will. When you get fit with us, we will first identify what matters to you and find the bag setup that will maximize your satisfaction. 

Schedule a Custom Fitting with Us

Our full fitting system is available at Laurel Hill.