Aspiring Professionals and Collegiate Golfers

The Eisman Golf Academy is proud to be the swing instructor for the following professionals and collegiate golfers. With golfers who are already playing at an elite level, our focus is on making manageable adjustments to their swings without hampering the unique aspects of their action that got them to this position.

Ji Soo Park - World Class Speed​

JiSoo came to us fresh off a decorated career at the University of Virginia. Blessed with great natural speed, we worked on creating a deeper hip flexion to produce more room at impact for him to make his path and AoA more neutral. The extra ball speed he has gained is only a bonus. After reaching second stage of Q-School, Ji is poised to be on our televisions soon.

Juhee Bae

After a 4 years playing for the University of Virginia, Juhee turned professional in 2018. With a player like Juhee, extra speed is always desired when competing with the world’s best. We have helped increase speed and more importantly, identified the sources of certain misses she was seeing on the course and when under pressure. 

Jeff Wilson - Leading George Mason

When not battling teammate Sam Jung for the top spot representing George Mason Golf, Jeff comes to the EGA to extract extra ballspeed from his already solid golf swing. Jeff loves the golf and constantly is thinking about his golf swing. Our goal is to build a framework to which will support his constant desire to improve and perfect. 

Josh Jackson - LDA Speed

On the brink of appearing on your TVs in the Professional LDA circuit, Josh Hurricane Jackson has all the speed one could ask for. Through his own hard work, Josh has consistently increased his speed. Our goal is to incrementally add consistency to quality of strike to support his amazing speed.

Sam Jung - PGA Ready

When you shoot 62 in 8th grade, it’s hard to see where improvement can be found. But after some years of chasing perfection, Sam came to us ready to find a consistent path towards world-class golf. Sam is pound-for-pound one of the longest hitters out there, and we have been supporting that with ensuring Face-to-Path ratios are not only solid, but controllable. 

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