Junior Varsity Lessons

The junior varsity membership is perfect for the golfer looking to grow and build upon the basic fundamentals of golf. Building this framework is the first step in becoming a consistent player.

Beginning and intermediate golfers who want to understand their golf swing and work toward a goal of lower scores and a repeatable, reliable golf swing will benefit most from this membership package.

The use of V1 Video Analysis will be used to pinpoint swing issues throughout the series of lessons provided through this membership. Each of the 10 lessons will focus on specific areas needed to improve technique and lower scores.

junior varsity golf lessons, northern va


Students will have the opportunity to get comfortable on the golf course with the instructional aspect of the membership, which includes:

  • Full swing coaching (irons, woods, and hybrids)
  • Putting and short game (chipping, pitching, bunker play)
  • Mental game (pre-shot routine, on-course management, and confidence)
  • Group lab sessions (meet other golfers from different schools and play golf with them)

junior varsity golf lessons, northern va


Calculating the actual cost of everything involved in the junior varsity membership results in a total of more than $1,800. However, a JV membership can be available for as little as $1,150 through Eisman Golf Academy. Please review the breakdown below for a list of membership features and benefits.

Eisman Golf Academy Junior Varsity Price: $1,400.00*

Junior Varsity Features
10 (1/2 hr) Private lessons & V1 Video Analysis
2 (9-hole) Playing Lessons at 5 Different Course Locations
1 Eisman Golf Academy Group Lab per Month
Range Pass (Fairfax County Ranges)
Eisman Golf Academy Shirt and Bag Tag
Player Profile on Website
Launch Monitor Range Session
Monthly Academy Tournaments
BeRecruited.com Enrollment
Personal Club Fitting
“Eisman Swing Aid” Kit
Eisman Golf Academy Price: $1,150*
* All Memberships are valid for one year from sign-up date. *

Please contact us if you have any questions about a Junior Varsity Membership.