College Prep Lessons

This one-of-a-kind membership package is what truly sets the Eisman Golf Academy apart from other instructional golfing schools. Geared toward committed golfers aspiring to the highest level of the game, the college prep membership is designed to develop the skills and focus required to succeed in competitive university athletics.

This membership also presents a chance for parents to access tournament information and scheduling throughout the year via the Eisman Golf Academy website. We will work together to ensure each student in the program is getting the best exposure for recruiting and college golf programs.

During the year of instruction and training, students will learn self-confidence, trust in their game, organizational skills, and mental discipline. Understanding how to control emotions and bounce back from setbacks are among the factors college coaches look for when recruiting athletes to join their teams.

college prep golf lessons, northern va


I have been active with college and university golf coaches in Northern Virginia for more than ten years, and they have shared the recruitment factors they consider when recruiting high school golfers to join their programs as rising college freshmen. This college prep membership will help students understand some of the keys to playing college golf, whether that is in Division I, Division II, Division III or NAIA.

Some of the questions that will be addressed throughout the college prep program are:

  • Am I locally or nationally ranked? If not, how do I get ranked? What ranking system (Junior Golf Scoreboard/Polo/Golfweek) is the best for me?
  • What is the Prep Report or the GolfStat? How am I able to see the average scores for the college or university I want to play for?
  • What local tournaments do college coaches use as recruitment tools? Which tournaments should I be playing?
  • What is a good tournament average score for Division I, II, and III?
  • When can I contact a college coach? What are the different types of letter of intent (NLI)?
  • Which Virginia colleges and universities offer walk-ons? What is the process to be eligible for a walk-on trial?
  • Should I be using online media (such as to bolster my recruitment chances?
  • Can I get a full scholarship and not pay for college? What is merit-aid? Are there any partial scholarships available (for men and women)?
  • Am I on pace academically and doing the extra work off the golf course to succeed in college?

college prep golf lessons, northern va


Calculating the actual cost of everything involved in the college prep membership results in a total of $4,000. However, a College Prep membership can be available for as little as $3,200 through Eisman Golf Academy. Please review the breakdown below for a list of membership features and benefits.

Eisman Golf Academy College Prep Price: $3,200*

College Prep Features
50 Hours of One-on-One time – range & course (preferred once-a-week meeting)
Goal and Stat tracking
Practice Rounds w/ The Pros – Play the Big Tournament Courses (VSGA, MAPGA, Bobby Bowers & More)
Recruiting page and Bio page setup
Scoring average program
Mental Game Labs (2 months) – Dr. Bob Rotella “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect”
Player Ranking Setup
Player Tournament w/ other College Prep members
ForeSight Launch Monitor Sessions
Putting Aid Package
Wedge Labs (2 months)
Driver Distance Labs (2 months)
Workout Programs – core and muscle strength
Eisman Golf Academy Shirt and Bag Tag
College Prep Resource Labs (Parent Info)
Eisman Golf Academy Price: $3,200*
* All Memberships are valid for one year from sign-up date *

Please contact us if you have any questions about a College Prep Membership.