Adult Golf Lessons

EGA Adult Membership – $2100.00 (Total of 18 hours play)

EGA Adult Membership Plus – $3100.00 (Total of 36 hours play)


This unique membership is a total game customization for those dedicated golfers looking to fast-track their golf skills and play their best golf to date. We go beyond the basic driving range lessons and use on-course simulation and play to develop confidence and a consistent golf swing. Each student will have a defined blueprint of areas to focus and skills that need improvement. The only way to really improve is to play, and this membership is dedicated to just that. Included in the membership are range fees and green fees for the set amount of hours dedicated to each student. New aged technology and video analysis will be used on-course to fully develop the skills each student needs. This is a one-stop shop for all the golfers looking to really make the most out of the golfing season.


Please contact us for more information about our custom build Adult Membership Packages