Bio Head ShotLead Instructor – Jon Eisman

For the past 18 years, Jon has been instructing, coaching, and motivating golfers of all skill levels in the Fairfax County, Northern Virginia area. At a young age, Jon mentored under PGA Hall of Fame Professional Al Jamison, one of the area’s most decorated golf instructors. Working under Mr. Jamison, Jon learned the teaching techniques needed to improve any golfer’s swing. His teaching style is unique and highly sought after by golfers looking for improvement. Jon does not use methods or standard instructional protocols but rather identifies and communicates the cause and effect in each students game. I want my students to understand how their golf swing works and learn a swing pattern that they can feel and trust, BODY and CLUBFACE dynamics  is a great focus point for a repeatable swing.”

I want my students to understand how their golf swing works and learn a swing that they can feel and trust.
Jon Eisman

Jon has spent thousands of hours studying film and understanding different body movements in the golf swing and therefore has learned patterns of movement that fits each student and their body type.  His current studies include BioSwing Dynamics under Mike Adams, PGA Instructor to the Pros, who has taught many PGA Tour Major winners and many decorated amateur players.  Jon also has studied under some of the world’s most decorated instructors in-TGM & M.O.R.A.D., both key method styles in learning the science and body positions important to help improve all skill levels of golfers: “We can only create feel based on solid and consistent mechanics.” These methods have proven results in the learning process.  Jon recently fine-tuned his short-game instructional tools by working alongside James Ridyard, presenter at the 2015 PGA of America Teaching & Coaching Summit. His most current certifications include studies under Dr. Phil Cheetham, a pioneer and innovator in sports biomechanics for nearly 30 years and currently the director of biomechanics advisory board for the Titleist Performance Institute and also under Dr. Sasho Mackenzie, associate professor at St.Francis Xavier University, whose research is in 3D forward dynamics simulation of the golf swing.

His students range from the beginner to the advanced tour player.  He has taught players from the Canadian Tour, European Tour, and most other Developmental Tours around the globe. He has worked with some of the top collegiate players in Virginia and continues to grow his youth academy program into one of the areas top elite youth year round programs, sending over 20 students in 3 years into NCAA golf programs.

Jon also has some of the newest golf technology which helps measure and record in depth swing patterns of his students. The Eisman Golf Academy is a certified Trackman facility, Swing Catalyst, V1 Branded Academy and BodiTrak Shift System. With the combination of Jon’s knowledge in sport sciences and golf technology, he’s setting the bar for the modern day golf lesson.


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